Fiona Gridley

Aerowhon mockup Aerowhon logo Aerowhon Business Card


Logo / Brand Design

For this project, I was asked to design a simple logo and business card. Because the client and name have ties to aviation, I wanted to subtly tie that theme into the final product. I achieved this through the logo typeface and color scheme, which is similar to that on a Piper Cub airplane.

I went through several iterations of this business card, many of which were significantly different from the final design shown here. I really enjoyed the process of designing something that would be materialized in print, as opposed to something that will live solely on the web or in the digital sphere. It caused me to realize that designs look drastically different in print, and sometimes printing something is the easiest way to find its flaws. Trying to typeset a business card also made me incredibly excited to learn more about typography and how to effectively communicate information through type.