Fiona Gridley

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Typography Projects

Typography / Layout Design

During the spring 2018 semester, I took Typography 1 with John Kane. One of the first projects we did, a study of different typefaces, is pictured to the right. We were instructed to look at 5 typefaces of different styles, find aspects of the typeface that makes it unique, and piece them together in a mosaic-like layout. This was the first time I had really investigated different typefaces and what sets them apart, so it was a very interesting assignment.

The main assignment of the semester was a project in which we had to typeset both a book and a play. I chose to typeset The Scarlet Letter and Hamlet. We also designed the covers and sent them to Blurb to have them professionally printed. Although it took many iterations of each of the spreads, I learned a lot about how to format text and the importance of easy readability.