Fiona Gridley

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web design / web development

Several months ago, I began learning HTML and CSS in order to create my first portfolio website. I designed several mockups, such as the first image shown to the left. Because I still didn't know much about HTML and CSS, the first iteration of my website was pretty basic. A few weeks ago, I decide I wanted to attempt to redesign my portfolio, now with more knowledge of web development and design.

I began by drawing sketches and figuring out what did/didn't work on my old website. I then moved to Illustrator to do some basic prototyping digital sketches and design the graphics. Once I felt confident about what I wanted the site to look like, I began coding. Although creating my original site was extremely difficult, now that I had some web development experience the process of redesigning my site was relatively simple. Through the process of designing and redesigning this website, I have grown to love web development, and hope to do more of it in the future.